Three to See: Books About Gardens!

This is the month of the hopeful hint of green showing, and children can share in that enjoyment! Here are three children’s eBooks dealing with some of the wonderful things that are happening outside. These stories invite thinking about the world right under our feet.

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt written by Kate Messner; art by Christopher Silas Neal, a picture book for ages 5-8

What is hidden beneath the dirt of a garden? What is happening above? Bright and lively illustrations reveal the interconnected and busy worlds both above and below the ground. In the story, a grandmother and her granddaughter tend their garden through the year. In each season in the story, the pair discover all kinds of animals and creatures busy at work. This interactive picture book is perfect for children observing the new season in the garden.

The eBook on Overdrive (also downloadable through Overdrive’s Libby app) has a read-a-long audio feature available as well.

We are the Gardeners written by Joanna Gaines and kids; illustrated by Julianna Swaney, nonfiction for ages 5-8

With so much time at home indoors, some families are considering putting in a garden this spring as a new project. In this picture book, the author tells the story of what happened during the time when she and her children planted and maintained a garden. The story of their experiences and the hard work involved are fun to read and appealingly illustrated.

Bug Boys written and illustrated by Laura Knetzger, a graphic novel for ages 7-10

The Bug Boys are two good friends who happen to be beetles in this graphic for elementary readers. The two roam their insect neighborhood and have sometimes goofy and sometimes poignant adventures revolving around nature and social relationships.  Fans of the comic Narwhal and Jelly series will enjoy the two loyal insect friends, and their conversations from a bug’s perspective.

Check out more garden-related ebooks and audiobooks in Overdrive (or the Libby app) and hoopla.


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