Magic Tree House: The Books and The Game Site

The Magic Tree House book series by Mary Pope Osborne has been hugely popular for many years. The first book came out in 1992, with the sibling characters Jack and Annie traveling through historical time and place from a magic tree in the forest near their home. Each book in the series involves a mission that magically transports them to a different place each time.  Each adventure is designed for first and second grade kids. The narratives offer a mission, simple language, some peril, but the comfort of always having a happy ending.

Go to Overdrive and snag both the ebook and audiobook copies of the series. The second series, Merlin Missions, is at a higher reading level and is on Overdrive as well. Fans may also like Fact Trackers, the nonfiction companion series to the Magic Tree House, containing historic and scientific details.

Kids who enjoy the books can sample adventures on a new gaming website launched this week. The new site, Magic Tree House Home Adventures, lets players join the characters in new missions through time and space. Kids can sign up and play through the adventure missions.


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