Invest Your Time Into Free Financial Databases Through Abbot Public Library!

Learn about stocks, mutual funds, and more with the Abbot Public Library’s financial databases: Value Line and Morningstar! You’ll even discover which companies are making a positive social and environmental impact. Check out a full list of databases on the Digital Resources page. 

Value Line provides current information on stocks, mutual funds, options, and other securities. See the “Dashboard” tab for quick links to Value Line Investment Survey’s Summary & Index report and Selection & Opinion report.

The “Markets” tab is for featured commentaries on the Stock Market, daily updates, and articles. Use “Browse Research” to see companies’ last close price, stock reports, financial strength ratings, and more.“Find Ideas” has research tools and “Investment Education” has instructional videos, articles, and a glossary.

Founded in 1931, Value Line provides investors with objective research and analysis for 6,000 stocks, 18,000 mutual funds and other securities. In addition, Value Line offers investors data tools, rankings, and expert company, industry and market commentaries.

Morningstar Investment Research Center provides up-to-date financial information and ratings on mutual funds, stocks, and ETFs to help investors with mutual fund selection. This database replaces the Morningstar Mutual Funds print version, which is no longer being published. Please note that the library’s license is for ‘one user at a time.’ If the database is in use, please try again at a later time.

Find useful Articles & Videos, Newsletters, and Help & Education tutorials and a glossary.

Morningstar is a global research firm that has provided investors with proprietary data tools, analytics, and independent research on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds for over thirty-five years. 

There is a new style of investing called “ESG” investing, which stands for Environment, social responsible, governance. This style focuses on investing in companies that are making a positive social and environmental impact. Morningstar recently acquired a company to provide ESG ratings, and is on the forefront of supplying ESG data to help investors understand the impact companies are making, positively or negatively.
Email the Reference Staff at for assistance with logging into these resources.


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