Online Registration for Curbside Pickup Now Available!

We have now made it even easier to pick up your library items. Once you receive a notification that your items are ready for pick up, simply click on the registration link in your notice to be brought to our events calendar, or visit and click on the “Curbside Pick-Up” button. From there, choose the time slot that works best for you and hit “Register.” Please read the instructions carefully — we are constantly updating our curbside pick up service to better serve you — and fill out the registration form as completely as possible. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email confirming your appointment time. Should you need to cancel your appointment, it’s as easy as clicking on the cancellation link in your confirmation email.

Items will continue to be placed outside of the rear entrance of the library in labeled bags. Bags will be set out at the start of your appointment slot, and will remain outside for a half hour. We appreciate your mindfulness of social distancing requirements while picking up your items.

Appointment slots are available Monday through Friday from 2:00 – 5:30, and on Saturdays from 9:30 – Noon and 1:00 – 3:00. Please call the Library at (781) 631-1481 during these business hours for assistance. 

A very special thank you to the Friends of Abbot Library, who have generously provided the funding to make our new registration system possible for curbside and beyond!

Please carefully read the full details of our Curbside Pickup Service here.


Curbside Magazines

“Free Money,” “Best Cars of 2020,” “Say Cheesecake!,” “Build a Deck in a Weekend.” These are some of the cover articles of a few of our most popular magazines. In the age of curbside pickup, you can still read our extensive collection of print magazines.

Back when the library was open, you may have noticed a small box in the Reading Room, where our magazines are shelved, in which you could submit suggestions for new magazine titles to add to our shelves. It’s a small nod to the commitment we put into our magazine collection. We currently have 174 unique titles, as well as over 3,500 back issues of these titles. This year, we have added 4 new titles, including the popular The Magnolia Journal, by the author of bestselling cookbook, Magnolia Table

Recently, we have made an adjustment which allows our patrons to check out our newest magazine issues, instead of having the typical one month wait before the item can circulate. This allows you to get your hands on some of our most popular magazines like The Atlantic, The New Yorker, People, and Sports Illustrated, oftentimes within days of our receiving the issue.

This all sounds nice, but how can you get your hands on our print magazines? And how can you browse our magazine titles right from your computer or mobile device? We promise, it couldn’t be simpler to add magazines to your next curbside pickup order. Here’s how to do it:

How to browse and search our print magazine titles:

  1. Go to the library catalog at
  2. Leave the search bar blank
  3. From the second drop-down box labeled “All Formats”, select “Magazine/Journal”
  4. From the third drop-down box labeled “NOBLE (All Libraries)”, select “Marblehead”
  5. Click “Search”

This will bring up a list of all of our magazine records, organized by most popular, first. Under the “Sort By” drop-down box, you’ll have the option to organize the list alphabetically, or by publication date.

How to order magazines for curbside pickup:

The process of ordering magazines for curbside pickup is identical to ordering any other library item for pickup! For curbside pickup instructions, visit the main page of this blog.

As with all of our items, each returned item is quarantined, and the utmost care is taken in retrieving and packaging your items for pickup. So you can rest assured that your request has been handled in the safest way possible.

So the next time you put in an order for Curbside Pickup, why not throw in a couple of print magazines? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll learn how to build a deck in a weekend.

If you have any suggestions for new magazine titles we should add to our collections, please comment below!  

Intro to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel was one of our technology workshops we were excited to teach before the physical closing of the library due to COVID-19. While we hope to gather in the near future to continue sharing our knowledge of technology, we would like to give you a head start on learning Excel! 

Below is a PowerPoint presentation of the basics of the program, and we welcome you to download it to use at your convenience. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at, and a librarian will be in touch as soon as possible. Click the image to get started!

If you’re interested in learning similar computer programs, take a look at Microsoft Word, which was introduced last week. 

Just Unsubscribe!

Last year, 54 billion junk emails were sent throughout the world. These emails come from advertisers, companies, and mailing lists, some with malicious intent. Oh, and by the way, that’s 54 billion each day, every day in 2019. Sometimes you might look at your inbox and think you account for half of that number. How can you make it stop?

Glancing at your email, you may see more than 1,000 messages, some with “interesting” subjects:

  • How to Lose Weight by Drinking Wine!
  • Get Medical Help for Your Child’s ADHD
  • Prosthetics…with NO interest
  • Try Vitamin-Infused Coffee FREE!!!
  • ADVANCED Guard Dogs – Collies, Shepherds, Bull Dogs

These are spam emails, or more commonly referred to simply as “junk mail.” You may have no interest in any of these things, although losing weight by drinking something so good sounds pretty nice. So why are you receiving these?

You may wonder how these intrepid companies got your email in the first place, especially if you’re generally very careful about who you give your email address to. Unfortunately, there are several ways a company can get your email address. Usually, it involves them buying your email address from a company that you thought would be trustworthy. Perhaps the reason you keep getting these emails is because a certain sports newsletter you signed up for several months ago sold your email address to a few companies. They, in turn, sold your email address to yet more companies. The cycle goes on and on. In other words, you have a problem that 51% of email owners have. You are receiving a part of the 54 billion spam emails sent worldwide each day.

This raises the question – how do you stop the flow of unnecessary emails? Simply put, you hit the unsubscribe button. Unfortunately, the simple answer doesn’t always solve a problem simply. So, here’s the in-depth way on how to unsubscribe from junk emails.

Per a law enacted in 2008, all advertisers must allow email recipients (that’s you) to prevent further emails from being sent to them. So, if a company is law-abiding, they will have something called an “unsubscribe” or “opt-out” link at the very bottom of their email. If you want to stop receiving emails from a certain company, you’d do well to find that link.

Now, all you have to do is click “unsubscribe,” and the first step to decluttering your inbox is done! Once you click that link, it will bring you to a new tab that will have one of the following:

  • A box to type your own email address into (to let the company know that your email address is off limits)
  • A list of specific types of emails you can unsubscribe from. For example, if you are unsubscribing from a health newsletter, you can unsubscribe from emails geared toward children but keep receiving email for adults. You will also be given a choice to unsubscribe from all further emails, if you so choose.
  • A simple message stating that you have been unsubscribed.

Now that you have finished these simple pieces, all that’s left to do is wait. Per the same law mentioned earlier, the sender has 10 days to remove you from their mailing lists. That means you may receive some emails for a few days after you unsubscribe.

Unsubscribing from emails can take time, particularly if you have several different companies sending you emails. Yet, if you’re sick and tired of having to delete all the junk mail that collects in your inbox, or maybe you’re just tired of being asked for money every day, than it’s worth the effort. To help pass the time as you unsubscribe, could enjoy some weight-loss wine or vitamin-infused coffee as you pet your advanced guard dog.

Register for a Library Card Online!

Did you know that any Marblehead resident who would like to register for a library card may do so, even while the Library is closed? Having a library card will allow you to access the Library’s electronic collections, which you can find on the eBooks, Movies, and More! page, as well as digital resources

If you know you have a library card already but can’t find it or don’t know the number, please email for assistance.

If you need to register for a card, just fill out this online form as completely as possible, click “Submit Registration,” and a library staff member will be in touch with your new library card information! 

Your new temporary card number will be valid for two months (and this time period will be extended, as needed, until the Library re-opens), and it will grant Marblehead residents access to our wide array of digital services to enjoy from home! 

Once the library reopens, patrons with temporary barcodes may present a valid ID, which needs to include a current name and address, to pick up an official library card for full use of all library services.

Please contact the Library’s Circulation Coordinator at with any questions.