Celebrate Father’s Day With Abbot Public Library!

Explore and enjoy any of these six children’s books for Father’s Day. They celebrate the special bond between fathers and children in a variety of ways. Some are tender, some goofy, but all tell a story about the different ways that dads can be special. There is even a craft book to make a gift for Dad at the last minute.

Dad by My Side, written and illustrated by Soosh, a picture book for ages 3-8

A sweet picture book about a father-daughter relationship full of the ordinary events and care of parenting. Instagram artist Soosh’s watercolor illustrations depict an exaggeratedly huge bearded Dad with a tiny girl with braids as they go about their everyday routines. The constancy and care of her Dad is demonstrated in actions like singing lullabies, cooking, playing games, and braiding her hair.

Gator Dad by Brian Lies, a picture book for ages 3-8

An active day between an alligator father and his two gator boys is a great depiction of the imaginative and simple ways that parents can create togetherness. The characters may be creatures, but it is a fun celebration of the relationship between the boys and their father.

Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug, written by J.D. Lester and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata, a board book for ages 1-3

What is a nickname or pet name for a child but an expression of love? This board book for babies explores in rhyme the funny images of animals and people that nicknames conjure up. 

Hair Love written by Matthew A. Cherry and illustrated by Vashti Harrison, a picture book for ages 4-8

Really more about hair and feeling proud of yours, this story is also a lovely depiction of a father-daughter bond that works for Father’s Day. The little girl’s hair needs her Dad to style her hair for a special event, and he does save the day through his efforts.

When Dad Showed Me the Universe written by Ulf Stark and illustrated by Eva Eriksson, a picture book for ages 4-8

In this story, a father takes his young son out at night to see “the universe,” which they enjoy in both the majesty of stars wheeling overhead, to the blades of grass at their feet. Details both sublime and silly make a quiet and moving story of a father-son bond.

Father’s Day Crafts & Gifts by Kim Mitzo Thompson, Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand, Melanie Sugulski, and Jackie Binder, a part of the Holiday Crafts for Kids series, nonfiction for ages 5-10

If you forgot a card or gift, here is a chance to make one before the day. Twelve cards and gifts for kids to make with a list of materials and straightforward instructions.