Having Trouble Logging In To Acorn TV?

UPDATE: As of Thursday, July 16, all the Acorn TV issues have been fixed! You should be able to log in once to the RBDIgital portal at abbotma.rbdigital.com and be automatically logged in to Acorn TV.

If you continue to experience issues with this, please contact the library at mar@noblenet.org.

We have noticed there have been issues with logging in to Acorn TV, one of Abbot Public Library’s online services with which you can stream British movies and television (for free!).

Acorn TV is one of the services offered through RBDigital, the others being IndieFlix, Great Courses, and RB Digital Magazines.

The issue arises if you are trying to access RBDigital and Acorn through a browser. If you have changed your RBDigital password in the past, you will need to do the same directly through Acorn TV, as it may have retained your old password. To do this, simply click “Forgot Password” and you will be sent an email link with instructions for how to change your password. Don’t forget to change your password so that it matches what you use for RBDigital!


  1. Go to https://abbotma.rbdigital.com
  2. Click on Acorn TV under the Entertainment section.
  1. Click on any of the movies or shows.
  2. Click “Check Out.” You will be prompted to sign into RBDigital. 
  1. A pop-up screen will appear saying you will have unlimited access to Acorn TV for 7 days. Click “OK.” You have now checked out a 7-day pass for access to Acorn TV.
  1. You will be routed to the Acorn TV site. Click “Access Acorn TV.”
  1. From here you will need to log in again. If you have ever changed your password, this is where you will click “Forgot password” and change it so it matches the RBDigital login.

    If you don’t think you ever changed your password, try logging in. If it does not work, click “Forget Password” and follow the steps to change your password to the one you just use for your RB Digital Account.
  1. You should now have access to British television! 

If you continue experiencing issues, or if you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us at mar@noblenet.org or call at 781-631-1481 during service hours, on Mondays through Saturdays from 2:00 pm – 5:45 pm.