Great Courses: Great Resources in Crisis

Many of the financial headlines we’ve swiped through in recent months have shared at least one common factor: they’re revealing the world to be a profoundly unstable place. If you’re feeling a bit insecure, uncertain about the global economic future and your place in it, why not shore up your knowledge and skills at no cost? 

If you’re up for some enlightening viewing that may just enhance your personal and professional toolkit, the Abbot Public Library has an excellent resource for you: The Great Courses! In case you haven’t heard, hundreds of video lectures by professors eminent in their fields, some from Ivy League universities, are available to stream through the Abbot Public Library for free with your Marblehead library card. If you were to buy the DVD versions of these courses, you would be paying up to $50 for just one course! 

Begin at the beginning with a comprehensive course of 48 lectures illuminating “An Economic History of the World,” progress to the timely “Economics of Uncertainty,” and bring it all home to your personal situation with “Money Management Skills.” Want to feel more secure about the expertise you have to offer, whether you’re currently working or hunting for a job? Have a look at courses like “Critical Business Skills,” “Public Speaking” (essential even in this Zoom era), and “The Psychology of Performance.” With no less than 21 economics and personal/professional development courses on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice! You can browse all available titles on various topics here.

Great Courses videos are available via one of our streaming services, RBDigital. If you’ve never logged on before, please visit our FAQ page for instructions. You can stream on your laptop, desktop, most mobile devices, and even on your TV (instructions for streaming to your Smart TV are also in our FAQs). All you’ll need is your Marblehead library card; if you don’t yet have one or have lost yours, begin here, and our staff will be eager to assist you!

Tune out the pundits and tune in to great learning options!


Your Digital Sunday Newspaper Is Here!

Spend your Sunday reading The New York Times paper online for free! 

The Abbot Public Library now has a subscription to The New York Times Digital. Enjoy easy access to The New York Times daily news from any device and the ability to share articles across social media platforms. You can research historical articles published between 1851 and the current day. Find full access to the international edition.

There are updated, time-stamped articles from the Times sections, including World, Politics, New York, Opinion, Business, Technology, Science, Sports, Arts, Fashion & Style, and Video, as well as searchable access to articles, blogs, features, interviews, obituaries, and columns. You can sign up for weekly newsletter emails. Also included are mini crossword puzzles and The New York Times Magazine.

The New York Times Digital will be available from computers in the library and in your own home with off-site access.

When you access The New York Times Digital from home, click the “redeem” button (the code will be pre-populated). If you are already registered, enter your email and password, or for new users, create an account to get started!

Resources for Job Seekers

If you are searching for a job, seeking a career change, or wish to be ready when opportunity strikes, we have book recommendations and digital resources to aid in your venture!

Here, you can find the latest acquisitions on job hunting strategies, as well as tips for writing resumes and successfully passing interviews:

Steve Dalton, the author of the newly updated guide, The 2-Hour Job Search, recommends using the latest technology for an effective approach to job searching, to get results quickly and efficiently.

Job Interview by Graham Foreman and How to Write Winning Resumes and Cover Letters and Ace Job Interviews by Paul Lima are the perfect books to learn all “the nuts and bolts” of the process and to perfect your “elevator pitch.”

Check out more titles related to job hunting on Overdrive and hoopla.

Abbot Public Library also offers information databases that can help with the job hunting process. All of these are available to use by Marblehead residents with an Abbot Public Library card. If you don’t have one, you can register online.

Learning Express is a digital resource containing a wealth of information about various careers in a multitude of industries, as well as information on certification exams. There, you will be able to explore various careers with the ebooks, get help navigating the job search and application process, and get tutorials for the certification exams.

The Cypress Resume Builder database is designed to make the process of applying for a job easy, quick, and painless. It is a service brought to you by the Abbot Public Library, and all you need is your library card to use it.

You begin with filling out template forms, accompanied by precise and clear instructions. There is an entire range of professional statement options to choose from, making it easy to select the best-fitting one for the job requirements and your skills and talents.

In addition to the resume, you are also able to build a cover letter and a reference sheet the same way. You can edit, download, save, or print out all the documents you created.

The database is very easy to use, but if something is still not clear, the help section is there for you.

Reference USA is another source that can be a very useful tool for the job market search.

U.S. businesses database is part of the Reference USA service, containing 15 million verified businesses that are updated weekly.

You can search the database for available positions, limiting your search by your requirements, such as the work environment or geographical location.

Additionally, this database offers various career guides, numerous tips on job search and interviews, resume writing help, and even advice on negotiating job offers.

All databases are free if accessed through the Abbot Public Library.