Get Your Groove On: Discover Music on hoopla!

It’s well and truly summertime now and time to switch up some of your rest-of-the-year habits! If you’re in the doldrums, there’s nothing like some brand-new listening to perk you up. Did you know that you can borrow the very latest albums through Abbot Public Library on hoopla?

Log in today and have a look! There are at least 49,089 titles to wow your earbuds. If you’d like to see the very newest releases, that’s easy. Browse “Music,” and filter to release dates to within the last 7 or 30 days–or broaden your scope to include the last 3, 6, or 12 months. If you’re thinking family-friendly, you have the option to filter results to “exclude PA music.” Learning a language this summer? Try filtering by the language of your choice and practice to the lyrics! 

hoopla has helpfully created 66 categories by genre, audience, and era–and you’ll even find “shuffle” playlists for rock, alternative, and pop. Want only the best of the best? You’ll find up-to-date awards-winning collections like the 2020 ACM Awards, the 2020 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, or, if you’re looking for something outside the US border, the 2020 Juno Awards. Curious about what’s been popular with other hoopla users? Have a listen to Best of 2019: Most Borrowed!

If you’re sorely in need of some beach party vibes and that’s just not happening, turn up the volume on hoopla’s Summer Party Playlist, a full 50 songs to download and shuffle at will! You’ll find everything from decade-by-decade hits to the latest Jimmy Buffett, Bruno Mars, and Lady Gaga to lift your mood.

Hitting the road? Mix up the audiobook suggestions from a recent post with some vacation-worthy selections. You’ll find 49 kids’ and adult titles to keep you going in the Summer Road Trip Music collection.

Need to cool down and soothe your soul? Try out our library-curated playlist, 2020 APL Calming Classical Soundtrack, with 35 albums from various musical eras. Or find your zen spot with hoopla’s Meditation and Mindfulness category. You’ll even find kid-appropriate lullabies and soothers here.

So, whatever your mood or schedule, we’ve got the soundtrack for your summer life!
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Get Your Vacation Fix with the NPR Road Trip Audio Series!

Ready for a break yet? If you’re feeling restless, consider taking a few statewide drives while listening to some seriously good travel stories. Or if that isn’t an option, you might do the same while lounging in the backyard sunshine. About a decade ago, when the economic downturn wreaked havoc on many vacation budgets, NPR produced a series of story collections in a Road Trips series narrated by beloved All Things Considered host Noah Adams. Within these anthologies, “each story focuses on real locations, real people, and real history in the thought-provoking, imaginative and entertaining way you’ve come to expect from NPR.”* You can find the series on hoopla, now available through the Abbot Public Library for free with your Marblehead card!

Roaming over the vast expanse of the U. S. and beyond, the entries in this series are loosely grouped by theme. Roadside Attractions presents an array of wacky, Guinness-Record-worthy oddities, the sort that provoke gasps of “why would anyone have ever thought of doing that?” Even so, there’s something endearingly niche and nostalgic about a “thirteen-foot Styrofoam scale model of Stonehenge.”* You’ll smell the popcorn as Fairs and Festivals holds up a fun-house mirror to the nation, giving listeners a glimpse of fairground culture in both urban and rural settings–where “people of all stripes and sizes meet to gawk at cows, ponder seed art, get hypnotized, compete in husband-calling contests, and eat virtually anything on a stick.”*

Anyone who has ever taken to the open road with their nearest and dearest can imagine the range of mishap-laden tales offered in Family Vacations. With titles like “Who Needs a Fancy Cruise If You’ve Got Inner Tubes?” by Tom Goldman, you can’t go wrong. National Park Adventures won’t fail to entertain, either, and you can even broaden your horizons–passport-free–by accompanying NPR correspondents around the world in Postcards from Around the Globe.

If you feel like binge-listening over 21 days and want to save on your monthly borrows, you might want to check out the entire NPR Road Trips Collection, which presents all five of the above titles in six hours. Whatever takes your fancy, you can know that your choices are always available–no holds, no waits!

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Happy trails to you!

*Quoted material from the publisher via