Celebrate Celebrities!

Life of celebrities is usually imagined as fascinating, glamorous, and exciting. And who better to tell us all about it but themselves? Here are the memoirs written in their own voices.

Actor and an avid reader and book lover who hosts a book club, Reese Witherspoon wrote Whiskey in a Teacup, full of charming recipes, various kinds of advice, and personal stories. Born in New Orleans and raised in Nashville, it is also her ode to Southern cuisine, hospitality, and etiquette. If you’d like to read more about the actress, check out her recent interview with the LA Times, in which she discusses her views on faith, ageism in Hollywood, and other issues.

Popular TV actors Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman wrote an uproariously funny chronicle of their 18-year-old marriage, The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. The book covers a variety of topics, such as religion, award ceremonies, and art. They also share secrets of their enduring marriage, undeterred by their significant age difference and varying interests.

In his engaging and amusing memoir, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, Eric Idle, of Monty Python fame, reminisces about his childhood, his very successful career in comedy, television, theater and film, and numerous eminent people he mixed and became friends with, luminaries such as Mick Jagger, Steve Martin, Paul Simon, John Cleese, and others.

This 2019 New York Times bestseller marks the 50th anniversary of the Pythons.

Room to Dream is a memoir/biography of the avant-garde film director David Lynch (The Elephant Man, Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive), who won multiple awards at Cannes, Venice, and other film festivals, and is a recipient of an Honorary Academy Award in 2019.

In the book, written by David Lynch and the journalist/biographer Kristine McKenna, personal memories alternate with chapters written by the biographer. It is an inside look into the imagination and life of this unique filmmaker. While in his chapters, Lynch explores his creativity and its roots. McKenna writes biographical chapters based on numerous interviews with family members, colleagues, and friends. The result is a very captivating and entertaining read.

The Destiny Thief is a book of autobiographical essays by Richard Russo, a bestselling author of novels and short stories, and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Through these essays, the reader can catch a glimpse of the author’s creative process, ponder on his reflections of being a writer, learn about his literary and musical interests, and appreciate Russo’s wisdom and sense of humor.

My Girls by the Hollywood producer and director Todd Fisher is a tribute to the lives of his mother, Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, and his sister, actress Carrie Fisher, both of whom passed away within 24 hours of each other in 2016.  Sometimes funny, but mostly poignant, this is a story of the family permanently in crisis, the story of love, perseverance, and loyalty. The narrative is accompanied by photos and memorabilia from the family archives.

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