Learn a New Language With Free Library Resources!

Have you ever thought of learning a new language if time allowed? 

Now is your chance! Our library offers two language services:

Both offer self-paced language learning available anytime, anywhere, with Mango offering 70 languages and Rosetta Stone offering 24.

While the methodology and learning tools can differ, both have a lot of common features, such as tracking a student’s progress and using an interactive approach to perfect pronunciation.

The Rosetta Stone learning approach is based on Dynamic Immersion, which introduces a student to a new language while breaking the connection between the new language and a learner’s native one – simply full immersion into a new language.

Mango’s approach is more academic: through a wide variety of memory-building exercises, critical thinking, reading activities, and listening comprehension, a student acquires necessary skills to communicate with confidence.

Mango has a few unique and very appealing features, such as cultural information being tailored to each specific language, so the content is different for every language. Mango also offers foreign-language movies. The feature is called Mango Premiere and gives a learner a chance to watch movies in 2 modes: either as a regular movie or adapted to the learner’s language skills.

The Mango app offers online and offline options, with lessons available for download to be used offline.

You can access Mango Languages and Rosetta Stone through the library with your library card. You also can access Mango and Rosetta Stone applications on your mobile device.

When it comes to languages, as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”

If you are not able to find a conversation partner for the language you are learning, you can enjoy books, audiobooks, and films in numerous languages, accessible through Overdrive/Libby and hoopla, brought to you by the Abbot Public Library.

Any questions? Please send us an email to mar@noblenet.org.


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