What the Tide Leaves Behind

When you’re wading in the waves, what can you find? When the tide retreats, what is left on the beach? Here are three books that help kids identify and understand some of the things left behind in the seaweed and sand.

Oceans Alive Series: Sea Shells by Shari Skeie

Find out how little creatures live in shells, and the various types of shells.

Let’s Read and Find Out Series: What Lives in a Shell?  By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld and Helen K. Davie

A shell serves as protection and shelter for many types of marine creatures and animals on land. Look at examples such as crabs and clams, as well as turtles and snails.

Critters By the Sea Series: Crabs On the Beach by Jonathan Potter

Learn some amazing facts about crabs.

Creating Sand Beaches with Poop by Anita Louise McCormick. part of the Power of Poop Series

Read about parrotfish, which eat coral, digest the algae that grows on it, and excrete out lots of white coral sand. 70 % of white sand beaches come from parrotfish! Yucky thought, but true.

For kids who want to learn more about sea creatures, both on the shore and off them, check out the marine life collections of ebooks and audiobooks on hoopla and Overdrive, as well as the Fish and Sea Creatures section of the Gale Elementary database, which was discussed in a previous blog post. All are accessible to you with your Abbot Public Library card!


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